The Story of Yourigami

A mix of imagination and expertise, Yourigami transforms simple sets of furniture into new realms of creative exploration.

We all have an inner child who’s ready to put reality on hold and have a little fun. Their imagination turns a couch into a fortress and a pillow into a shield. Then, the floor melts into lava and white sheets of paper fold into flying cranes.

Team Yourigami represents the parents, aunts, uncles, and big cousins who design those building blocks. We possess decades of experience in the foam industry, crafting premium products with comfort and support for everyday life. Deconstructing furniture to its most essential pieces lets us rebuild with creativity.
As parents, we prioritize the safety of our little explorers, and as Team Yourigami, we have the know-how to deliver exactly that. Our facilities meet the highest quality and safety standards set by us and major retailers. By consistently creating top quality foams right here in the USA, we’ve perfected the formula for uplifting children’s play spaces and cushioning their falls. You just can’t make magic without the right ingredients.
Finally, we bring in the experts (our kids!) to make sure our product is up to snuff. They climb to the peaks of snow-capped mountains and jump into plush meadowlands below. They set up camp in a dense forest, build an unburning fire and trade tales of the wondrous sights from their journey. At the end of the day, all pieces fold and stack away, ready for whatever tomorrow holds.

Unpack Endless Adventures!

Yourigami allows parents to be an active part of their children's creative development, while reawakening the playful child inside us all.